2018- Another Good Year for WordPress!

wordpress in 2018

WordPress powers a huge number of websites across the internet. In fact, experts revealed that around 27.5 percent of the top websites worldwide rely on WordPress for their operation. In the following post, I have compiled some of the top predictions for 2018 in regards to the platforms growth, tools, and general impact.

Video headers will become more commonplace

In the current digital era, everyone is accurately well aware that the video is king. Marketers, advertisers, web designers and everyone else have started focusing on integrating video with WordPress. With the release of version 4.7 ‘Vaughn, WordPress has been enjoying support for video headers that have allowed for some incredible new decorative options. However, customization has always been a huge part of WordPress and this option had been a long time coming.

This actually means that video headers is not a new concept, it is something which is used by a specific type of website. Speaking of the New Year 2018, it seems as if everything is about to change, with more and more websites opting for a video-first approach.

Video and live streaming is pretty much in vogue! And in future, we might even see deeper WordPress integrations here.

Mobile-first themes will be much more important

It is no secret that most users are turning to their mobile phones and tablets for their day to day use. Due to which mobile-centric designs have been increasingly important and 2018 will separate the best from the rest.

Websites with outdated themes and designs and which do not respond well aren’t just glossed over by everyday users but will most certainly be penalized by the likes of Google.     

With the rise in technology, WordPress developers and designers are compelled to choose a mobile-first strategy. In case, if you choose to ignore this trend will use losers, hurt their branding, and make it that much more difficult to bounce back up.

Drag and drop may reign supreme  

One of the major reasons why WordPress being so incredibly popular is that developing, running and customizing websites with it is incredibly easy. Whether you are with a limited or an amateur web developer, it is feasible to create beautiful websites. All you need to do is invest a little bit of time in them.

Drag and drop can be considered as of paramount importance here. Customization being one of the most vital parts of WordPress, users find it difficult to start. The process of drag and drop simplifies the entire process of customization and almost instantly remove any barriers of entry.

By the end of 2018, we will see more new users connected to the Internet, allowing beginners to take a shot at designing their own websites.

Security, security, security

Cybersecurity is hugely important, many chooses to skip over it as they believe that their websites will not be targeted or that very simplistic security measures are enough to protect them from potential threats.

As 2017 has shown us, that notion is not only false but also incredibly dangerous. This year has seen numerous prolific attacks on popular websites, even on sites which had increased security measures.

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