6 Highly Effective Free Traffic Building Techniques


Online business is a growing platform that is emerging gradually and constantly. In a world that is extremely dependent on internet surfing, if you have a good online presence, it will help you to increase your business. However, for that you need to increase the traffic to your website. The more people visit your website, the higher is your chances of business transactions.

Potential customers do not come to your website that easily. You have to persuade them and make them spend. Though there are costly ways that will help you to increase traffic to your website, you can also go with some free traffic building techniques.

Here are some of the most effective free traffic building techniques that will help you to increase your profit margin and online business transaction.

1.SEO or Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the most important step to an ethical online presence. If you want to be seen, there is no other option but to optimize your website as per the updated guidelines. The parameters are very important, if you want to make sure that the search engines increase your page rank. If you have strong backlinks, it will increase your page rank and visibility and this interprets to increased traffic building.

2.Social Media Profile:

Social media plays a very crucial role in the visibility of a website in the search engine. Since you will get a huge number of internet users in the social media profiles, you must not ignore the social media profiles to increase your business visibility and traffic.

Internet users or rather, potential customers always trust the social media profiles for business companies. Any business that is proactive in the social media platforms is always trusted by the internet users. An authoritative presence in the social media profiles, updating information, posting status and sharing contents in the social media platforms is very useful to draw more traffic to the business website for free. Just share your advertisement videos, promotional contents and engage your potential customers to visit your page frequently, so that they stay updated with the notifications. This is a very useful way of converting them to potential buyers.

3.Quality Articles and Blogs:

As you have already heard of, “Content is King!” It is true to every sense of the word. However, it is not just any content that is meant to be useful. You need to make sure that the quality of the content is up to the mark and useful for the readers.

You must always follow the recent trends, what people are looking for and come up with interesting and useful content in the form of informative articles, website content as well as blogs. Now and then, you can let guest bloggers to blog for you. This is a free, but very useful way of using your website as a platform to promote your business through expert bloggers.

4.Strong Backlinks:

Strong back-linking is key to effective traffic building. There are various online free courses that will help you to learn how the entire backlink system works. You can certainly train yourself for that.


There is no denying the fact that Google is the most trusted and most used search engine. However, just next to it sits YouTube, the online video searching engine. If you invest some amount of money or time in building quality videos, you can post your videos to this free multimedia platform. This is a great way to draw attention of the traffic towards your business or the products that your sell. Videos are more effective than words. People love to watch more than read and you must use this.

6.Online Forums:

Last but not least effective is the online forum. There are many online communities, forums and platforms that will help you to connect in a one on one basis with your potential customers. You can post answers to their queries there. Assisting people in their difficulties and problems, offering advice and participating in the discussions will increase their trust level. People love to trust a business that is not just a virtual concept but also an entity that they can talk to or approach.

These 6 free traffic building techniques will certainly help you in increasing your business presence online. To know more, you can visit . This will help you to learn about the recent trends.

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