Artificial Intelligence Will Now Be Useful To Hearing Impaired

Artificial Intelligence Will Now Be Useful To Hearing Impaired

A lot of buzz has been created around Artificial intelligence in the market since its innovation. This is rapidly becoming one of the most popular topics for discussion in both science and businesses. More and more prestigious mobile application development companies along with tech leaders are increasingly showing interest in AI investment. This technology is constantly transforming multiple facets of our lives and businesses. We have heard a lot about its potentials, what it can do and how it can change the entire face of future. With no doubt, It will surely be a game changer in the tech industry.

It already has changed multiple industries and offered multiple benefits to them (also, it will continue to deliver more advantages with updates and enhancements to empower the tech-world). And now, it will act as a savior for all those millions of people who can’t listen or hearing-impaired. The new rtificial Intelligence program is outperforming the professional lip readers and providing better outcomes with reduced error rates. Let’s dig in to know more about this latest AI program.

How Artificial Intelligence Lip Reading Can Help Hearing Impaired

Lip reading delivers a window into the conversation for millions of people who can’t listen. However, the practice is quite difficult and outcomes are often inaccurate. But now, a new artificial intelligence (AI) program will be there to help them. As per the researchers, the program performed better than the professional lip readers and the best AI to date, along with a half fault rate of the prior best algorithms. And, if integrated into smart devices such as mobile phones effectively, this approach is more likely to put lip reading in everyone’s hands. This approach is encouraging AI development companies to do research more on this program so that they can develop more advanced solutions to cater to the needs of such customers as well.

What Are The Capabilities Of This Latest AI Program

  1. The program can develop clips with a mouth movement for each phoneme, or word sound, annotated.
  2. It is capable of filtering out non-English speech, low-quality videos, non-speaking faces and videos that aren’t shot straight ahead.
  3. The Artificial Intelligence algorithms are incorporating multiple simple computing components connected together, learning and processing the information in a way similar to the human brain.
  4. It can also understand that a phoneme may look differ on the basis of what it said earlier and after. For example, mouth makes different shapes to speak “t” in the words “boot” and “beet”.
  5. It also possesses separate stages to predict phonemes from lips and words from phonemes, which clearly means that if you wish to teach the system to identify new vocabulary words, you would require to retain only the last stage.
  6. According to a tech expert, the integration of this program into mobile phones may likely allow the hearing-impaired to take a “translator” with them whenever and wherever they go. Such a translator may help people who are not able to speak (due to damaged vocal cords for example).

Undoubtedly, this AI solution is expected to bring relief for hearing-impaired. And, this enhancement will also encourage businesses to invest in this technology more. This would not only give them chance to expand their clientele base but would also, enable people to connect with technology with much ease.

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