Chatbots Replacing Mobile Application- How & Why?

Chatbots Replacing Mobile Application- How & Why?

Undoubtedly, the mobile applications have become an inseparable part of our lives. We’ve seen a lot advancement in the filed of mobile app development. But now, soon the mobile apps will be replaced by a latest trendy technology. And, that is Chatbot. Why we’re saying so?

It was the year 2016, when the escalation of the chatbots started and, in such a short duration of 6 months, it became so popular that most of the tech giants either launched their own Bot development platform or developed their own chatbot.

According to the Gartner’s prediction, the chatbots are becoming the face of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and by the year 2020, approximately 85% of the customer interactions will be done without the requirement of humans. There are multiple forward-thinking organizations, who are taking a step ahead to include the this technology into their customer engagement plans.

But, what are the reasons that chatbot technology is becoming so popular? How can it replace the mobile apps? And, what impact will it put on our lives? This blog will let you explore all the answers to these queries. Let’s get started.

The Benefits of Having Chatbots

  • There are multiple reasons that making this technology. We’ve mentioned few benefits of using chatbots for business.
  • It helps you in keeping up with the trends by being present on messaging platform.
  • It helps in improving the customer service and offers pro-active customer interaction.
  • It is useful in increasing customer engagement and monitoring the customers’ data.
  • It helps in the betterment of the lead generation, qualification and nurturing.
  • It makes easy to approach the global markets with saving a lot of money.
  • It works as your personal assistant and alternative sales channel and, also helps in work automation.

How & Why Bots Can Replace Mobile Applications?

The Bots are Much Faster Than Mobile Apps:
The applications may take few seconds to minutes to just load the website, while bots are capable to load it instantly. The apps are required to be downloaded, while the bots don’t need it. You just can send a message to use them. It’s much faster than the apps.

Every Business Is Going To Have A Bot:
As per the stats, the messaging apps are growing faster than ever and, if they become the very first way to communicate to the people, every business that is offering app development services will surely need to have a strategy to engage with people on messaging apps and, bots are undoubtedly the only scalable way to do this.

Bots Are Much Easier To Use Than Other Technologies:
All the applications are built with a different interface that means you will have to learn new visuals to use your favorite products. But with bots, the case is different. The bots use the language that is the most natural interface a human understands.

What Impact Will Chatbots Put On Our Lives?

There are some major changes that bots will bring in our lives. Let’s have a look.
  • Bots, in the workplace, will completely transform the way the environment operates and streamlines traditionally admins tasks. It will change the complete process of the businesses from organizing the small meetings to more complex tasks such as IT support.
  • In the case of loyalty and customer service, soon, it will bring the days of the automated voice response customer service hotlines. This will enable customers to communicate with the company comfortably in the environment of his/her choice. Thereby, encouraging more personal and meaningful client-business relationships.
  • When it comes to home, there are several big tech-giants who have released the AI-enabled devices such as home speakers that respond to your voice. The users can easily ask for bots to play their favorite songs when cooking that too, without wiping their hands to complete this function.

So, now you’re aware of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of the chatbots along with how these bots will replace the mobile applications (the reasons behind that) and how this technology will impact our lives.  Lets discuss more about this topic in comment box.

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