Chinese Tech Giants Baidu and Huawei Team Up For Wide-Ranging Partnership in AI, AR and More

Chinese tech giants Baidu and Huawei team up for wide-ranging partnership in AI, AR and more

Two Chinese tech giants with offices in the Seattle area are teaming up.

Baidu, the Chinese search giant, and smartphone maker Huawei said they have come to a “comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement” that will see the two companies team up on a variety of tech initiatives including artificial intelligence, augmented reality and speech recognition. The alliance gives Baidu and its more than 2,000-person AI group a top hardware partner to deliver the technology, and Huawei will be able to dive deeper into new technologies as it competes with Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market.

“It should come as no surprise that Baidu and Huawei are working together, because we have many similarities — technology is embedded in our DNA and we have developed our own technologies in order to grow,” Robin Li, Baidu Chairman and CEO said in a statement. “The Internet era is evolving into the era of AI. Baidu has been dedicated to the field of AI for a long time. Huawei has a large user base. Together, Baidu and Huawei can do many things which we were not able to do in the past.”

Among those many things is an open ecosystem for AI developers that combines Baidu’s AI and deep leaning capabilities and Huawei’s Neural Network Processing Unit. The partnership will also focus on image and voice recognition as well as building out an augmented reality network.

In the announcement of the new partnership, the two companies wrote that the mobile phone industry “has reached a critical point in its development and the next generation of smartphones is about to be born.” These new era smartphones will use technologies like voice recognition, machine vision and augmented and virtual reality to “become a natural extension of humans and an everyday AI assistant for consumers.”

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