How Choosing PHP For Development Is A Good Idea For Tech Startups

How Choosing PHP For Development Is A Good Idea For Tech Startups

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that could be easily embedded into HTML. Being one of the fastest languages for coding, deploying as well as execution, it was originally designed to find the easiest solution and shortest path for development. Since its inception, it is in high demand amongst the industry verticals for creating complex web-based applications, database driven and dynamic websites.

Businesses are increasingly investing in PHP development services to leverage its features and powers. Its main reason is that the community contributors of PHP have constantly been moving the tech towards an advanced design in the recent years. Not only for the established brands but also for startups, PHP is a reasonable option.

Here are the reasons that demonstrate the incredible fitness of this platform for use in technology startups:

It Offers Supreme Quality
Earlier, entry-level developers used to practice the utilization of insecure code to indulge in, which is now being replaced by the new-gen community contributors. The advanced PHP development practices have regained their position in the market over the last few years. Also, crucial standardization efforts have been made to define the basic coding standards along with a set of guidelines extending on the former, which all contributors are required to follow. So, PHP does play its role pretty well as far as the quality of the environment, flexibility and the pace of startups are concerned.

It Offers High-Speed
This framework delivers easy-to-configure, out-of-the-box bundles and libraries for arranging into a ready-to-use solution. It does not need a lot of systems’ resources. It can run with other software without getting slow. The websites built on this platform is much easy to host and supportive. This is one of the main reasons enterprises look out for the best PHP frameworks when it comes to developing the robust, scalable and secure website and applications.

It Offers Cost-effectiveness
From a hiring perspective, PHP developers are considerably cheaper. The resource pool is quite huge and not susceptible to the fashion trends. Its dynamic open source environment is free for downloading while offering an easy-to-use workflow and automation focus. With this framework, there is no need of buying any kind of licenses and there are no restrictions or fees is involved. This language is completely free and anyone may use it. This one is also a prime reason for startups to choose PHP for web development.

It Is Everywhere
This language is currently the 7th most popular language, powering 82.2% of the websites. There are 4 versions of this scripting language in use. And, now it is expected that organizations will increasingly upgrade to PHP 7 in the coming years. With this platform, every possible usage scenarios have been already documented and, there is a plethora of technology tools to handle any development issue that a developer could face.

It Is IOT friendly
The recent PHP version could have the ability to implement tasks within just a single script and this is the way smart devices communicate. This language also has a robust appeal for the Internet of Things e-commerce organization. Though it may not be the future of IoT still, it looks like that this language would survive in the new era.

Moreover, there are multiple e-commerce organizations that are using PHP for the development of more robust, advanced, secure and scalable websites and applications. For example, Shopify development companies are investing in PHP-focused Shopify application in order to merge the power of this platform with Shopify to deliver better user experience and security to consumers.

With the above-given features and benefits, it can be said that this open source platform is surely appealing for startups. It holds a large developers community. For all the organizations seeking PHP development services for their app and site creation, it is easy to understand and lets the developers build highly secure and easy to scale applications easily.

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