Make Money Online Through Blogging

Make Money Online Through Blogging

There are many online blogging portals where you can sign up for free to create your blog. But passion for writing is must to do this on a regular basis.

If you are making your blog site for purpose of generating income, you’d have to update your posts on a regular basis to keep your readership stable.

Just go into your favourite search engine and search for any of the following keywords: blog, blogging, you will likely end up in articles and resources discussing how blogs can be used to earn huge income online. You will start thinking that blogs are meant to be money-makers for their owners. Initially blogs were used as online platforms where people can voice out their takes and opinions on a number of topics and themes. Along with the time, business-thinking people started to think the potential of a blog to earn money. Now it is popularly known as professional blogging. You can simply write articles, capture pictures or shoot videos, post them on your blog, add ads on your blog and when a visitor clicks on those ads, you make money.

We know that professional bloggers are earning full incomes from their blogs. Some bloggers get noticed and hired by bigger media companies in the companies.

To make money online is the main reason why people go into blogging. This is understandable because it is really very easy to set up your blog and it often costs you nothing.

There are a number of ways to make money online. Blogging is one of them. Here are some simple steps and learn how to make money fast online.

  1. Confidence – In order to be successful with blogging, you need to be confident that you can write much about your subject matter, so it will help you if you have an interest or consider yourself expert in a certain area.

Before you start writing you need to research whether your chosen area is popular enough to generate income. You can discover what topics are popular these days through Google trends and by using Google’s keyword tool to establish searches for any specific keyword. If you have a blog that contains your opinions then your passion will come through and others will surely be drawn in. If you are writing about your business then you should write about the products that you are passionate about so that the people will want to buy your products.

If you have a number of ideas, finally choose the one that you believe you can continue to write fresh content about any time.

  1. Create an outline of topics You can create an editorial calendar to guide you about the topics you haven’t covered so far. This can also help in keeping you on track, especially if you are aiming for a particular theme exemplified in your blog.
  2. Choose Domain Name – What comes after selecting your topic as area of interest. You will need a domain name, that is the www. That you see when searching for websites or blogs etc, and be filled with the keywords of your theme or chosen product. Your blog title should be eye catching and easy for visitors to remember, but more importantly should be rich with keywords that will boost up ranking in the search engines. Your domain is one of the on page optimization factors and will surely assist in your desire to get much traffic to your site.
  3. Blog Writing criteria – As we all know that first impressions are the last impression. This is the same case with your blog design. Your blog should be easy to the eye, and easy to navigate, so links need to be seen on your home page and information must be easy to access, quickest route should be there for easy navigation. We all know that a visitor’s span of attention and patience are limited only for seconds, so if they cannot locate where they want to be quickly they will leave you site.
  4. Quality Content – To maintain your visitor’s interest you must provide fresh quality content each time. Only fresh will be the reason for them to visit time and time again at your page. Uniqueness is of utmost importance. Your blog should be up dated regularly.
  5. 6. Make reviews – Making reviews is more than just as you are talking about your experience. It also allows your readers to decide if they would like to try what you just watched, read. Making reviews is very much important. This is actually the best way of advertising your blog site because, if you end up making good reviews, People will try products and make a review about it afterward.
  6. Read other blogs – You should read other blogs. You would be surprised to know how fellow bloggers can inspire you how to make money online through their words. Follow other blogs too and try observing and analysing their work how they monetize their own sites. Pick up some valuable work tips from there.
  7. Direct advertising –  This is a very effective technique once you established a faithful following and reader-base for your blog. You don’t need to go to advertising companies to get ads. You can simply sell advertising space on your blog, there are no middlemen. If any party is interested, they will contact you and you both agree on the terms. The more reputation and the higher the traffic that your blog receives, the higher ad fee you can get from your advertisers.
  8. Affiliate marketing – The basic of affiliate marketing is really simple. If You promote affiliate products on your blog via affiliate links. And if any visitor buys something from a company via the links on your blog, you earn a commission.
  9. Contextual advertising – It is textual ad served by online advertising companies. The most popular of which is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is mostly preferred by most bloggers because it displays ads that are relevant to the content of your blog.

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