Mobile App Development Trends In 2017

Mobile App Development Trends In 2017

The mobile phone application industry is on a swift and incessant rise across the globe. The experts foresee an upsurge in the gross revenue of mobile app stores up to $100 billion by 2020. The American technology research company Gartner predicts that app development will be amongst the most prevalent computing tools for the worldwide users by the end of 2017. The mobile apps will be downloaded approximately 268 billion times producing returns exceeding $77 billion. In addition to rapid growth and increasing revenue, some exciting trends have been witnessed in the mobile app development market.

AR and VR Mobile App Development

The Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) app development has been among the top trends this year, and the best example is Pokemon Go. The success of the augmented reality game has shown to the app development market that there is a whole new era to expand in and generate greater outcomes. However, AR and VR apps are not limited to game and entertainment. We are expected to have AR and VR apps in the retail industry, education, healthcare, travel, real estate and more. According to Gartner, around 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality by 2020.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

More and more businesses are investing in app development to mobilize their programs and organize their operations. The companies that understand the importance to offer enhanced employee engagement are either building their own custom apps or relying on existing third party apps. According to Gartner, the companies will tend to invest more in micro-apps development to enable the workforce to get their hands on particular features of the business solution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mobile App Development

The investment in cognitive computing will be 300 percent higher in 2017 than it was in the previous year, according to the Q2 2016 online survey by Forrester. While we have seen various Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning apps such as Prisma and Google’s intelligent personal assistant Google Now in 2016, the year 2017 is expected to roll out more. The commonly used chat bots are an existing example of AI implication, but future holds more innovative stuff in mobile app development.

Android Instant App Development

The development of Instant android apps is another trend expected to gain popularity in coming years. The Instant apps are more like app streaming services that allow users to access an app instantly without downloading it completely on Android phones. Currently, these instant apps are available only on the Android 7.0 Nougat but will soon be supported by all Android versions starting equal or above 4.1. These instant apps use the same API, project and source code that was used in the regular app. The developers just add new functionalities.  

Cloud Based App Development

Cloud based apps occupy less storage than the regular apps and deliver same user experience and data across different devices. Moreover, the cloud based apps are less complicated to develop than one version of the app. The trend of cloud based app development will continue to grow in 2017 and so on. The leading networking hardware company Cisco estimated that cloud applications will make up 90 percent of global mobile data traffic by 2019.  

Location-Based Mobile App Development

The location-based beacon technology has been gaining popularity for last two years, especially in retail and healthcare. The retail industries will generate more than $43 billion by location-based services by 2019. These apps empower retailers to fill the gap between in-store and online experience.

These are the mobile app development trend that we predict will continue expanding in 2017 and coming years. The consumer behavior is changing at a rapid pace; the businesses need to be acquainted with the trends to meet users demand.

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