Splitting Costs Mobile Apps That Help You Do So

Want to be and have a happy housemate? Then money is something you’ll both have to be careful about! Nothing can get as sour as roommates or housemates bickering over expenses, which, let’s agree isn’t cheap these days.

From sharing the rent to sharing the grocery bills and general bills, there’s a lot of math involved! Things can become more feasible if there are more than two of you. Of course, it gets cheaper. So for example, two of you want a house for rent, you guys have the rent to share, the electricity bill, the water bill, the grocery bill, the domestic help’s salary and probably even restaurant bills. Now that’s a lot to keep track of, right? Most of us ‘pick the tab’ and alternate the payments out of friendship and laziness.

Nowadays, we all fend for ourselves, and that’s where we can save a lot of time, money, energy,
with the help of bill-splitting apps! If you want to have an even-steven relationship, where both of you have an equal hand in the payments, then that’s the way to go. And since it’s on your phone, it’s super handy!

Here’s what some bill-splitting apps help you do.

Tally all payments, so you guys can reimburse one big payment instead of a lot of smaller ones.
Reminder emails, this is to help you remind them, but without sounding like a nag! You need to upload your expense and share it with your roommate or roommates. You can even decide how often you guys want to settle the tab!

You can create a new group and add the people who have to share costs. Add the payment details- like what it was and when and the cost gets shared. You can even key in who paid and who owes whom how much and share on the basis of ratio and not split directly if everyone is not expected to share the tab equally.

Make a detailed balance sheet, mostly favoured by those who like jotting down and keeping a tab and record of all the small details.

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