Top 7 Beautiful and Appealing WordPress Design Trends You Must Know for 2018

Top 7 Beautiful and Appealing WordPress Design Trends You Must Know for 2018

As an open source web application platform, the popularity of WordPress is simply astounding over the past few years. In earlier days, it was an arduous job to create and maintain websites for business and personal uses, but due to the simple and facile features of WordPress, now the things have become less intricate. The content management system offered by the WordPress platform makes it easier for anyone to add, delete, modify and update websites even if they have a scant idea of technical knowledge. Let’s discuss top 7 WordPress design trends which will be ruling in 2018 and beyond.

  1. Drag and drop function: WordPress is ideal for the novices because of its drag and drop function. With this amazing function, you can easily drag the files and drop them on the backend panel. This function will also help you incorporating media files and images into your website design with a simple effort. This also makes the editing job simpler as it does not interfere with the internal structure of the website.
  2. Video header: Every year, WordPress launches new themes so that users can easily access them after installation. Video and other media will continue to dominate the web design trends in 2018 and thus, you can expect more WordPress sites will use video in the headers. WordPress has already made it easier to incorporate video header with the help of a wide range of themes.
  3. Parallax scrolling: Over the past few years the popularity of parallax design is growing steadily. Parallax scrolling makes a website more enchanting with a distinctly responsive look and feel. Parallax scrolling enhances user engagement and interaction and in 2018, you can see a larger number of WordPress sites are using parallax scrolling to entice the customers.
  4. E-commerce theme: You can make your e-commerce site by using WordPress for e-commerce themes. WooCommerce is undoubtedly a powerful open-source eCommerce plug-in which comprises of a chunk of features and has enough capacity in attracting more customers to a WordPress website. Though there are many e-commerce carts are available in the market but wooCommerce is the most effective and easily accessible for any WordPress user.
  5. Adaptive images: These days, customers are addicted to mobiles and smartphones, hence you should make websites that is suitable for small screen browser also. Uncode is basically the number of themes which support adaptive images and encourages images to automatically adjust their sizes as per the user’s device. This will certainly give a better user experience.
  6. VR-optimized themes and designs: Virtual reality (VR) is making its position in the field of web design, and it is expecting that WordPress designers will adopt this design element to make their site more compelling and eye-catching. These days, WordPress offers a complete support for introducing VR videos and augmented reality media files. There is already a chunk of Plugins to make use of VR and AR in website design.
  7. Animated elements: Animation has already become a popular trend in the field of web design and in the upcoming years, you can expect many new tweaks to this trend. The WordPress designers can now use complex animation design techniques to make their site more functional and pristine. The slow-motion picture an animated figure or brief storytelling with animation etc. will be further tweaked and introduced in the market in a more attractive way.

These are the top 7 popular WordPress design trends. But in future, it is expected that more design trends will come which will make WordPress site more beautiful and eye-catching.

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