Do You Know Which IOT Trends Will Be Transforming The World In 2018?

Do You Know Which IOT Trends Will Be Transforming The World In 2018?

Technologies have grown to a great extent where each and every industry vertical is utilizing it to automate operations or revise workflow. I must say with the rising dependency on IOT connected devices, it would be pretty exciting to see how this technology takes shape in the year 2018. It is assumed that the New Year is going to be a revolutionary year for IOT. Let’s find out how?

As per the recent survey, there are around 20 billion connected devices globally and the number is bound to reach a new limit in 2018. Integrating a strong indication of the steady growth of IOT, more and more companies have started backing the technology by making lots of investment and widespread adoption. And it may quite interest you to know that with the rise in IOT and other connected devices, the issues of security and data breach will raise more concerns.

Speaking more about the IoT adoption curve eTatvaSoft shares a list of some of the latest IoT trends of 2018 to learn about different technologies complimenting IoT.

Present at Core of Enterprise IT Operations  

Today you will come across a variety of enterprises who are using an IOT ecosystem, where connecting smart devices to drive their digital business is a considerable option. With this integration of IOT into core system operations, one can easily increase and penetrate into micro-level to automate certain functions and improve overall productivity.

Five years down the line, IOT will be considered the next norm in enterprises where devices and appliances like vehicles and HVAC systems can be controlled and monitored remotely.

Stronger IoT Impressions in Retail, Healthcare & Supply Chain

The concept of IOT would grow to such an extent that its usage would be explored well in different arenas. Being the most obvious prediction of IOT trend, industries of retail, healthcare and supply chain industries will likely see the greatest growth. You may find this very interesting that the retail industry is redefining customer experience with IOT in combination with AI and Beacons.

Wider Connectivity options

IOT experts are exploring a variety of connectivity options, one of them being low-power wide area networks, LPWAN for short. It is assumed that soon Internet of things would spread its wings with technologies like Narrowband IoT that allow for widespread network coverage at a low cost.

In fact, digging deeper into LPWAN can bring a new wave of growth to open IOT technology for applications that might not have previously benefited from connectivity but it can definitely set a path for new technological advancements.


IOT is such kind of technology that will grow much more than a mere buzzword. With its rise in awareness, industries choose to adapt trends in order to enhance workplace productivity to maximize applications.

Rakesh Patel is Marketing Manager at eTatvaSoft – web, ecommerce & mobile app development company in India. He writes about Technology Trends, Leadership and many more things about IT services and enabled people to learn about new technologies through his online contribution.

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